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Our little family of five owns and operates a commercial beef operation in (very) rural Eastern Montana. We are the third generation of my husband’s family to raise cattle here. We are 13 miles from the nearest town, 20 miles from the nearest K-12 school system, and 100 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart (which is not far enough in my husband’s opinion).

Every year, we raise enough beef to feed about 200 families for an entire year, and probably double that considering that most American families don’t eat as much beef as those of us out here. With a small deep freeze and a little planning, we eat our own homegrown beef all year long. This beef isn’t shipped away to fatten, processed in an assembly line, and then shipped thousands of miles back to a grocery store to sit in a meat counter for days. The animals are born here, hand-fed in a grassy pasture outside my kitchen window, and are never further away than the nearest small, local custom meat processing business. If you think it is too expensive or too much hassle to buy local beef by the half or quarter, read on! It is the only way to go for families that need affordable, healthy, family-farm raised beef as close as your own freezer.

To learn more, you can also contact us directly at thelutts5@gmail.com.

As you will probably see, I also dabble in cake-making (with three kids it’s cheaper than trying to buy one three times a year, plus it’s FUN, and again we live in the middle of nowhere).  I also love to entertain friends and family, which is a good thing since this many cows requires help from several neighbors at times throughout the year (which is the best part of it all).  Oh, and I have a full-time job and I had a major heart attack at the age of 35.  Don’t worry, it had absolutely NOTHING to with my diet (for real).  Hopefully we’ve piqued your interest, thanks for visiting!

Lutts Ranch - Happy Cows!

Lutts Ranch – Happy Cows!


About sisterriles

Loving life with my little family on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, Montana.

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